Friday, 26 February 2010

Working Girls.

Wednesday was an interesting day.
I rose early as it was jam packed. My great friend (god , i sound like Danny La Rue), Stefan Orschell Read, was showing his new collection as part of London Fashion Week. I assiduously avoid Fashion Week usually as i dont feel that connected to it and very few of the collections it shows have much interest to me. Stefan is a different story however. I have seen him grow and grow from a fashion student to where he is now. He makes interesting and unusual mens wear with an edge and last year all my major purchases were from him . I love WESTWOOD as is widely known but feel i have to expand my look a bit and Stefan enabled me to do that , making me suits and coats that were one off productions and that really have the WOW factor , in my mind anyway. I have high hopes for Stefan and pray he achieves what he deserves and gets his collection into major production shortly and in the best shops very soon. The press he recieved for his last collection and the interest it aroused was amazing so i dont think it will be long before he becomes a force to reckon with on the British fashion scene. The larger fashion house's have already attempted to recruit him but he wants to make a mark with his own clothes , which i think is applaudable. His show was beautifull and sleek and did the job admirably. It was early in the day for me so i did a half look and dressed down. I was not there to be noticed , just to support my friend and see his work highlighted. I did and it was. Amazing.
After that it was a dash home and 3 hours infront of the mirror to get ready for Miss Polly Rae's opening night at the Leicester square Theater with her all new Hurly Burly Show. William Baker (the guy who styles Kylie amongst others) had been heavily involved with the styling and production of the show and my friend and partner in TRANNYSHACK UK , Walt Utz had put the whole thing together. Again i hoped it was going to be fantastic as all of them are friends of mine. It was ! Kylie and a host of celebs were in attendance and the show was classic , cheeky , slick and saucey. I loved it. Boy George came along and blew a whistle so loudly at times i thought my ears were gonna pop as mostly it was directed in my ear ! LOL. Brilliant show. Loved it. Go see !
After that it was a dash round to Madame JoJo's for another change into one of Stefans creations as Trannyshack was hosting his after show party. The coat Stefan had made me has a built in corset which is uber painfull but looks amazing. Its very difficult to walk in though as it has huge Elizabethan style hip pads pads which the bottom part of the coat hangs from. It took Stefan a week to make as its so complicated but it had to be worn for his big night. The club ran at capacity all night with an interesting crowd of drag , club kids , ts's and fashionista's. It was mayhem but wonderfull fun. The Transisters who are an all dancing troupe of glam drag queens who work in the West End shows provided the entertainment and as always stunned me with their brilliance and slick routines. It was such a fun night. To end what had been a very long day a group of friends and myself went for breakfast at Balans who gave me a Balans Card at long last , this is like a Tesco points card and saves you a bit of cash and gets you a seat ! LOL. Small things please me ! So a fab day on the whole. Needless to say i spent most of the next one sleeping. Its Friday now and time to do it all again as i have been roped in to dj before Pollys show tonight which starts at 7 so its a 3 oclock start for me gollowed by my own night O ZONE at KU. Does it ever end ? I hope not !

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