Thursday, 8 April 2010


Tonight i did a wee stint on the decks for the new GLOBE GIRLS weekly residency at PROUD CABARET and they utterly rocked the joint. They also welcomed some pretty fantastic West End singers on to the stage too ! It was such a class evening. Utterly entertaining and completely brilliant.


In the mid 90's i landed myself my own tv show with SKY 1 . Of course it was a dream come true ! I co presented with Roland Rivron . It was a chatty , music and fashion based thing . We filmed a pilate and it was accepted. Everything was ready to roll . I had management in place and a great publicist. then The delightfull DAILY MAIL slapped me on their front page and gave me a big old slagging down inside. Sky 1 got cold feet and i was pulled and paid off. Thanks DAILY MAIL. What an awfull homophobic paper it STILL is.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


Up and coming photographer JAMES ANDREW YARDLEY has been photographing down at Trannyshack UK and at my house frequently over the last few months and has put together some amazing insights into the club and the people who make it for a book to be published in June ! It will be available as a coffee table sized book and a smaller art book. The perfect gift methinks ! This is just one of his lovely pictures.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


SHOOT magazine by PIEPKE in the Netherlands. Brilliant artist ! I was in issue 1 and he wanted a pikky of me holding the mag for issue 3. This was it ! By James Andrew Yardley.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Gay Pride 2010 ...

Last years PRIDE was amazing as TRANNYSHACK UK had a float in the parade for the first time. I think we really brightened it up too with a gaggle of amazing trannys , Boy George and the odd colourfull hanger on to boot.

It was followed , for me , by a stint hosting the KU BAR STAGE in Leicester Square. The sun was shining and the acts first class and a wonderfull afternoon was had by all !

This year Gary Henshaw the owner of KU has asked me to organise and arrange the programming for the stage , aswell as host it.

I have never had carte blanche to do anything quite as high profile as this before and its a wonderfull opportunity to put together a collection of artists who represent the gay community and who want to entertain us too !

Over the last year , through my work at KINKY KABARET i have met many West End performers whose talent was immense and obvious. I really want to incorporate some of them into the line up of stage talent and try and add a bit of "va va voom" to a stage that has always been a big hit with the hundreds of thousands of gay people who come out to play and be seen on an important day in our calendar. Nearly everyone i have approached so far has jumped at the chance and the lineup is looking diverse and rather good so far ! Of course there will be scene stalwarts aplenty and some of the KU dj's will get a chance to show us their mettle , as scene entertainment is a must , alongside the more mainstream acts. There will also be a few high profile celebs strutting their stuff. So far no one has turned me down. I wont be hogging the stage as host either. Its going to be packaged out to our favourite scene stars so no one person will steal the limelight on a day thats about us ALL. I am sure it will all pull together on the day and give everyone something they will like along the way. I cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY !

Saturday, 27 March 2010

An old Kipper !

This is a picture of an old kipper. Miss Jude Bean has a nu-nu that resembles this old kipper in more ways than one !