Saturday, 20 February 2010

Face Fuck !

Well yet again Face Fuck have disabled my account. I have no idea why. To my knowledge i have not broken any rules or posted anything offensive. Well , no more than most people on there anyway. Its the second time now. Luckily i have another account which i have activated again to tide me over. Its pretty annoying though as i use it to promote my work stuff. I have a feeling a certain person or two is reporting me continually for no reason just to annoy me and get the page taken off. However there is always a way round these things and if some twat with a chip on their shoulder thinks they will get one over me they should think twice ! LOL.


  1. I feel sorry for people who are reporting you continually.. Don't they have anything else to do, what a poor life.. lol
    It's not fair that FB disabled your account again without letting you to know why..
    But yeah luckily you have another account.. They can't get rid of you :D

  2. I also made other people officers in my group so just in case they disable me again , which to be honest i half suspect they will as there is a couple of people who seem to have nothing better to do than track my every move and try make as many problems for me as poss regarding facebook. I have a very strong idea who they are and why too. LOL. Silly really. Facebook is very usefull to me for work reasons so it actually really inconveniences me when its disabled. Oh well ....