Friday, 5 March 2010


I am currently on a sobriety-fest ! Shocking i know. It means basically that i have given up alcohol and fags. I am going to try to stick to this as my poor lungs and liver have taken one hell of a beating over the last 20 years and they need a holiday. Its been rather liberating though. Tonight for egample i was at my friday night soiree THE O ZONE at KU KLUB in Lisle St. I did not touch a drop of the devils brew but still managed to have a really lovely time. Usually my alcohol consumption starts as a result of nerves. This may surprise you but i always get very nervy before work. No idea why. I just do. A couple of shorts takes the edge off my worry's , however this usually leads to another 10 which has become kind of a problem as i dont work at my best like that and often small things blow up , or rather i blow up in people's faces ! Not great really. Though in at least 2 of the last incidents where i have spoken my mind i regret NOT A THING. Infact i am glad i had the conviction to say and do what i did , if a few bevvy's helped me to do it then good , and if as a result a couple of brain dead , ego ridden , delusional arse holes want to have a twitter (or TWATTER in their cases) about it then so be it. I can live with it . I did before ... quite LITERALLY ... LOL.

I have asked my friends to not offer me drinks for a good while when i am working. I WANT to be on the ball and in control. I am really proud of all my nights , i still work more than almost anyone in a similar position and my work events are busy and respected and i want them to stay like that. While i may be more amusing for other people at times when i am drunk for me its not that much fun anymore. Its also giving the coterie of cackling bitches that watch and report my every move ammunition. Well no more i am afraid. I am a fairly sharp person in most ways , most of the time . I have plans and dreams (as we all do) and being half smashed all the time aint helping me achieve much other than tread water, I can move mountains when i want. I am determined and motivated and not one to mess around with. Its time for me to get serious. I have ! Be warned. A sober Dusty O is a much nicer person .... also a sharper one.

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