Friday, 5 March 2010

My friend Mark O'Flaherty sent me these two pikky today. I gagged when i saw them. They were from 94. I am with Polly and Venus on the first one. Polly was the door whore at the Fridge for donkeys years and a very sweet guy. He died a couple of years back. Venus was an amazing character and had a fab look too. Not sure what she is doing these days. Its so sad when people just vanish. I can understand it though. Hedonism takes its toll and sometimes its just time to fuck off. The second picture is of Mark and myself with Phillip Stephens who now owns UNCONDITIONAL. It was taken at the opening of a club we worked at called NANCY'S at "The End". They were brilliant days. Phillip and i both worked at London Lighthouse then , god only knows how we used to get up for work ! LOL. 16 years ago ! Seems like a lifetime .....

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